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Petrelli Icontest

Welcome to Petrellicontest, a weekly icon challenge community that focuses on the very large and somewhat dysfunctional Petrelli family from the NBC series 'Heroes.' Every Friday, I will post a new challenge for icon makers to compete in. Anyone can enter, as long as your icons follow the rules. Winners are awarded with shiny banners. At the end of the month, all the first place winners are entered into an Icon of the Month poll.
  1. This community will sometimes contain Petrellicest, so consider yourself warned.
  2. Read the rules every week; I might have special rules from week to week.
  3. Icons must fit LJ rules: 100x100 pixels, 40kbs, smaller is allowed. JPG, PNG, GIF format.
  4. No more than four entries per person.
  5. All effects are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: text, textures, stock images, and animation. I don't want to limit creativity.
  6. Don't follow tutorials too closely. Don't copy anyone's work. Don't be afraid to try new stuff. All icons must be made from scratch: all bases and manips must be made entirely by yourself!
  7. Don't enter variations of the same icon. Meaning, two icons that are the same aside from one minor difference like one has text and the other doesn't.
  8. Most importantly, have fun! This community was made for friendly competition.

***Don't use anyone's icons without permission.***

To enter, post the icons and the URLs under them.

Voting and Schedule

Challenge are eight days long. Voting is up for two days.

  1. Anyone can vote.
  2. Don't vote for yourself. Don't ask anyone to vote for you.
  3. Anonymous votes will be deleted.

Friday: Challenge posted.
Tuesday: Mid-week reminder.
Friday: Challenge ends, voting posted, new challenge posted.
Sunday: Winners announced.
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