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Challenge 6: Ships with Peter

» No spoilery images. Don't use any images of an episode that has not aired in the U.S.
» Icons must fit LJ standards: 100x100, 40kbs. Smaller is allowed.
» You can enter up to 4 icons.
» Don't share your icons until AFTER the winners are announced.
» Animation, blending, stock, textures, and all other effects are allowed.
» Don't enter variations of the same icon.
» Be original and have fun!
» Deadline: Friday, March 20th.
» Use this form if you wish.

Challenge 06: Ships With Peter
I am a whore when it comes to Peter. I've shipped him with almost everybody and about 99% of the Heroes fandom ships Peter with at least one person. So this week, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is create up to four icons of a romantic pairing involving Peter. You can have him with Simone, Caitlin, Claire, Nathan, Sylar, Elle, or anyone else. The sky is the limit, but no kids (i.e. Peter/Molly)

Participants: 2
Entries: 8
Tags: challenge
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